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Stand Against Bullying

Before submitting! Please take into consideration the following Articles:

​Article 1. Organizers: 

The SHORT FILM COMPETITION "Stand Against Bullying" is organized by Maison des Associations asbl and financed by the Ministry of Family Integration and the Greater Region as part of the National Action Plan for integration... In this context, the organizers propose to promote the production and distribution of works contributing to the fight against discrimination and stereotypes.

Article 2. Theme and Objectives:
The theme of the Competition is entitled: "Stand Against Bullying". Particular attention will be given to works that: take a new, original and innovative look at this issue; help to fight against prejudices, clichés, stereotypes that are sources of conflict and misunderstandings; deal with representations and collective imaginations; value the right to be different.
It is recommended that participants read the project description on the website in order to give themselves the maximum advantages of preselection.

Article 3. Film selection criteria:
The works of the candidates must meet the following criteria:

•  Works filmed by smartphones or tablets
•  Duration: maximum 7 minutes, credits included
•  The theme of the film must correspond to that of the competition: the fight against discrimination.

Article 4. Audience:
The competition is open to all young people aged 13 to 26.

Article 5. Support:

Each author is responsible for the content of his own works. All genres are admitted: fiction, documentary, animation, pubs, experimental films. Only works filmed from mobile phones or tablets are accepted.

Article 6. Registrations:
Participation in the contest is free. To participate in the competition, it is necessary to return the following document read and signed :

- Registration form download

To be sent to the following address:
by email:
or by post: Maison des Associations Luxembourg.

Article 7. Sending of works:
The deadline for sending the achievements to the Maison des Associations asbl is fixed at July 1, 2022 (postmark as proof or receipt of the electronic sending).

The costs of insurance and transport of the works are borne by their owner.

The works received will be kept as archives by Maison des Associations. Submissions, by post or digital, must be accompanied by the "Descriptive sheet of the short film" completed and signed, sent by post or by email to


For any questions regarding the submission please do not hesitate to contact us.


Monday to Friday,  9:00 - 17:30

+352 26 68 31 09

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